Friday, June 09, 2006

melissa's challenge

ok, i haven't posted anything in ages. i think more because i share on S! rather than here. LOL. what can i say, totally addicted to S!. anywho, this is in response to melissa's (k23m) challenge.

I AM: uniquely me

I WANT: that job!!

I HAVE: mostly what i want

I WISH: i could travel more

I HATE: houseguests, pee on my doorknobs, and short and curlies on my kitchen counter!!

I MISS: my grandpa

I HEAR: it all

I WONDER: when it will happen

I REGRET: accepting less

I AM NOT: a ditz (thanks tammy!)

I DANCE: never enough

I SING: in my heart

I CRY: very rarely


I MAKE WITH MY HANDS: a loving home for my family

I WRITE: the truth

I CONFUSE: my children!!

I NEED: self-confidence

I SHOULD: lose 20 lbs

I START: too many things

most things

1 comment:

Melissa said...

Hi Julie!
I know my comment is really REALLY late, but thanks for playing my game! :)

time to update your blog, girl! ;)