Sunday, April 02, 2006

the more things change...

the more things change!!

life is just crazy around here. again. and change is in the air. again.

why is it that you can just get used to the status quo, and maybe even think that the desperation of not liking where you are is not going to be any different in the next while. then BAM! things change.

my dh has a new job. something different!! finally, a change he is looking forward to. a small company that the owner and he see eye to eye on what constitutes good working conditions. dh can do his thing, what he is good at, without the constant nagging feeling of futility that he has been trying to deal with for the last 6 months.

of course, the moving to a new position is not without its downfalls though either. there is always that little voice at the back of one's head that says, "are you SURE about this?".

that brings me to the complete and utter trust I have in my dh that he will/has made the right decision for our family. I always support his decisions, especially when it comes to his workplace. I think that for him, what he does defines alot of who he is. he is not egotistical, self-centered or has any of the other "typical male" machismo type of attitudes. he is generous, giving, and very focused on creating an outstanding reputation for himself in whatever business he works with. he wants to excel. he wants to learn. he wants respect. and I really hope that he finds this in his new position.

after 4 agonizing months of searching for a new job, countless resumes, a handful of job interviews, this opportunity has come up. this company is on the cusp of huge growth. and he feels confident that he will do well.

i KNOW he will.

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Heather said...

Awesome news. Hope he can settle in quickly.