Friday, March 10, 2006


Wow, what a day!! Worked my butt off, we've had a huge ongoing project with work, same stuff, different stores. I won't say the name of the chain, but we've been relining (basically reorganizing) their hair care (shampoo) sections. They range in size from 16 to 28 feet long, 8 shelves high. I tell ya, it is quite the project. There is about 500 different products within those sections and they are a real bugger to move around. Its not just moving them across a shelf, but because everything was last rearranged higgledy-piggledy, it is just bad. The way they are arranged now makes much more sense, especially for the consumer! All products for each line are now together. That way, if you want Pantene hairspray and shampoo and conditioner (for example) they're all together. But its just one of those things that everything is all over. BUT the good thing was that the 24 ft project we did today, should have taken the two of us about 12 hours, but we were done in about 6 1/2. So, we worked our butts off.

Then, after work, I rushed home from the city to our house, grabbed the boys, and back again to the city as DS #2 had a sleepover tonight at the zoo with his Beaver group. He wanted to take his grandpa. What a riot!! But the best part was that my dad did go with him. They phoned about 1/2 an hour ago to tell us that they were having a great time. That is awesome! I never thought that my dad would go. The crummy part was that both my dad and I forgot to throw a camera in for them to take pics of this great bonding time. Oh well, the memories for our little guy will be his own story to tell.

So, after the mad rush back to the city, DS#1 and I met up with DH to go for dinner. We had a great time! There is a Vietnamese restaurant that we enjoy, and did we ever enjoy! DS and I ordered a bubble tea. What a riot! We have never tried these, they always looked fun, but never did we decide to have one until tonight. We had a mango flavor. Those tapioca balls look hilarious going up the straw! The texture is really bizarre, slimy and chewy at the same time. But it was good! I will definately have that again. The other "special" thing we had for dessert after dinner tonight was coconut surprise. Really. Coconut surprise. And as I type this I am totally having a giggle.

The reason? Because for the last 7 or 8 years at least, when DH would phone me in the morning, he would ask me what was for dinner. And I would reply coconut surprise.

Now, coconut surprise may not be what you think. After the first 4 or so years of marriage, and being responsible more or less for cooking, I ran out of ideas for what to cook for dinner. I still run out of ideas. But coconut surprise to us as our inside joke, is doggie doo doo rolled in coconut and served on a plate. (And this really is a joke, we've NEVER put this on a plate, it was just a goofy thing we came up with!!!)Why is this funny? I don't know. Because after 11 1/2 years of marriage, I really don't know what to cook for dinner most nights! So maybe you'll get a giggle out of this too, or maybe not. But our real coconut surprise tonight was very very good. Amazing rich coconut ice cream with mango sorbet in the middle.

And then I went shopping. But that's another story! I did find some clothes I'm happy with, 2 t-shirts, 1 dressy shirt, 2 cami's, a peasant-y style wrap top and some khaki-ish looking pants, all from old navy. I'm happy! Something new in the closet and time to purge some of my old icky stuff.

And on to the 3 things I saw while driving in the van to and from work and to the city and back again (I'm starting to think I live in the van!):

1. 1 running shoe. Why is there only ever one on the side of the road? Where's the other one?

2. The same car that has been sitting on the side of the highway for the last 3 days. It was there all 4 times I drove past it today.

3. The Garden sign. Makes me think of strawberries and summer. Especially on a cold-ish day like today when there is snow on the ground.


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Heather said...

I am giggling here as I have had cocunut surprise before.

Glad your ds had a great time wtih Grandpa. Sorry to hear that you didn't get any pictures. We need to have cameras attached to our heads as Vicki B says.