Thursday, March 09, 2006

snow again!

More snow here this evening after a big storm came through this morning after I went to work. It's pretty slippery out there right now, and I'm half hoping that tomorrow will be a snow day! It's been a long week and tonight I have a headache, probably due to weather change. But, I'm happily eating my caramel oreo mcflurry, so there are some bonuses to having to pick up kids from various places out and about on a blowy evening.

I am so looking forward to the S! girls crop next weekend. That has got a smile on my face. Even without knowing what I will actually get accomplished (I'm guessing not alot!) I'm looking forward to getting together with the awesome ladies I know from online.

That's about it for today...

Oh yeah, three things I saw on my way to work today:

1. Two rather amorous ponies

2. A pumpkin head on the mannikin/scary guy at one of the farm gates down the road

3. A llama


Heather said...

You'll have a blast with the ladies I'm sure.

What funny things to see on your way home.

Tammy said...

I know your in Alberta, but that has got to be some unusual things to see...well maybe not the ponies. Ha-Ha!

Believe it or not, we had snow today too and then it was sunny all day. Very strange weather!