Thursday, April 12, 2007

its thursday!

worked today, which was good - not too hard, but enough to get me out of the house and earn my keep!
had a little bit of retail therapy time this afternoon. got me some cute pink shoes, will take a pic of them maybe tomorrow, and a pair of black shoes too. strikes me as odd that those crazy ballet flat shoes are "in" yet again. but what's a girl to do? i needed something a bit dressier, but not heels, they just don't work for me for what i do. so they'll do. and payless has a bogo 50% right now, so $40 for 2 pairs of shoes works. wandered a bit more at the mall, found a cute black lightweight v-neck sweater on sale from $40 for $10, and a pink cashmere (yes *cashmere*!) cardigan on sale for $20 from $100. yes, its true. i couldn't believe that one either. so total score! looking at my spring "wardrobe" (ha! can't even call it that!) things are looking pretty sad for working girl clothes. even today, was just too warm in my khakis. so hopefully these few additions will help.
off to banff and canmore early tomorrow morning. like 6am. ugh. i am SO not a morning person. but it is a good money day. mileage is great for me going out there! as long as the alarm goes off (unlike a couple weeks ago) i'll live. working through the weekend this week too. but a girl that got to bake on the beach last week has to work this week!

here's a few more pics...

aren't my mom and jonah just too cute?? and my cutie-patootie nephew - he is such a doll!
where i was last thursday night... the blessing today is that it was gorgeous out today and no snow - but its still can't beat sitting on the beach!


patti said...

Julie, Jonah is such a handsome young man!!! The pictues of your trip are beautiful! It looks like you had a wonderful time!

MonaS! said...

sounds like you had a very successful shopping day. I am really enjoying your trip photos - looks like it was a wonderful time. Can't wait to see you scrap 'em!