Saturday, January 20, 2007


I am certainly not a regular blogger am I? Actually, somewhat surprised that it hasn't disappeared due to lack of use! Don't things ever expire in cyberspace? I'm thinking not.

Anyways, here's something new!!

Since my last post, months and months and months ago, alot of things have changed.

- I started a new position with Kraft Foods in September. LOVE IT! I work on my own schedule, which is the nice part, but I'm also gaining alot of experience as I also do relief work for the sales reps. Which is where I want to be in 6-8 months. The cool thing is that my boss also recognizes this, and told me that she will help me get there even though it means I would no longer work for her. Perks galore! Hockey tickets a couple of times now, and lunches out with the reps. Gotta love it! The other bonus? Going down 2 pant sizes since September. I'm quite happy with the way my body is looking again!

- DH moved to a different job as well, the beginning of October. Doesn't particularly care for it, he is only staying right now because he does like his boss, and we're going on holidays the end of March. Hard to start something new and say "oh, by the way, I'll be gone for a week..."

- Kids are well back in the swing of things now that Christmas is over with. They're both loving curling, bonspiels start soon. Swim lessons in a couple of weeks again, thanks to their great-grandma for Christmas. That should keep them off the computers some. They are both techno junkies!

- Gotta love a grandma. She sold her house last spring, and hasn't done anything yet with the funds. So now, she's taking us - all eleven of us - to Mexico for spring break. Wow. A week on the beach. I *so* can't wait. Will be looking forward to a tan, a getaway, and those awesome photos. Bonding time? Well, we'll see.

On my creative side, things are starting to look up. Been playing more with PSE, and winning! Have fixed up some not so great shots to make them better, and then, they are all the more better to scrap with. Which leads me to the challenge with the S! girls - a 25/50 layout challenge. Basically, the rules are simple. When we complete 25 layouts we go into a draw for a goodie, courtesy of HeatherS!. When we complete 50, she'll send us a goodie - period. BUT, we can't shop other than getting our kits. There's the challenge. NO SHOPPING. ACK! But I love to shop!! I'm part way there, I've gotten 7 done in the last couple weeks, which is more than I've scrapped in the last 4 months. So that is good. :) Makes me smile!

Will leave with these couple of photos of my niece and nephew from their b-day celebration last week. Yes, they are now printed and will be my next 2 layouts. Love these monkeys, they are too cute!


Anonymous said...

hi julie..glad to see you blogging again...sounds like a fab challenge and certainly one a lot of us can use...have fun in Mexico!

Anonymous said...

good to see you back in blogland Julie! Your new job sounds fab (espcially the pants size part! way to go!)